Air Ambulance Services in India

Air Ambulance Services in India, as the term implies, are emergency services utilizing helicopters and airplanes to transport patients to the hospital.

While the primary purpose of all air transport is to facilitate the movement of individuals from one location to another, the central objective of air ambulance services in India is to airlift people, particularly in life-threatening situations, with the primary goal of saving lives. Aikyam Aviation stands out as one of the premier air ambulance service providers. Our services extend internationally, covering destinations such as Europe, the USA, Singapore, and various Middle East countries.

Aikyam Aviation stands out in the air ambulance industry by offering a fleet of popular aircraft such as B200, C90, XLS, and Lear Jet, ensuring swift and efficient medical transport. Recognizing the critical nature of patient care, Aikyam Aviation prioritizes punctuality and safe air travel, providing a reliable lifeline for individuals in need of immediate and secure medical assistance.

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What is air ambulances used for?

The genesis of air ambulances dates back to the World War I era, with its primary objective being medical evacuation. Over the decades, it has transcended to a greater role of which includes providing crucial medical assistance to civilians during life-threatening situations.

Air ambulances are swift and efficient in transporting patients from one location to another. Each air ambulance is equipped with highly trained medical personnel, ensuring the patient's life is sustained until they reach the hospital. Additionally, air ambulance services in India stock up on monitors and various medical equipment and tools to sustain the patient’s life during transit.

In a bustling country like India, plagued by traffic issues, air ambulances emerge as saviors. Time is undeniably a critical factor in saving a person’s life. Therefore, the ability to reach the hospital swiftly, bypassing the challenges of traffic, becomes crucial. This is where air ambulances play a pivotal role.

What is the cost of air-ambulance in India?

The hourly cost for turboprop aircraft is approximately 1.5 lac rupees, with pricing variations dependent on the specific type of aircraft chosen to reach the desired destination or location. The final cost is determined based on the unique requirements and specifications of the selected aircraft for a personalized and efficient travel experience. Some of the popular choices for air ambulance aircrafts are B200, C90, XLS, and Lear Jet etc. Availing the services of our air ambulance services is worth every penny spent, given the critical and time-sensitive nature of medical emergencies and the efficiency they bring compared to other modes of transportation.

Fliers may note that the GST is not applicable on Air Ambulance Services.

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