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“Maximise your business trip efficiency with Aikyam”

We help you book a private plane at the time of your choice to any destination and in absolute discretion. You will be able to organize your business meeting, negotiation, site visit, sign your contract etc. and return the same day or fly to multiple cities back to back. We plan your comfort and last minute flexibility.

For us every trip is unique and we execute it with perfection. It’s our deep understanding of Indian skies that makes us masters of the route. Not only we curate best feasible schedule, select aircraft to suit your taste and group size but we also connect you to the most suitable airport/helipads across India and the world.

So, if you are looking for a Private Jet services in India, look no further than Aikyam, your ultimate destination for all private charter plane rental services, helicopter on hire services to have a comfortable, safe and luxurious journeys. Whether it's a spiritual journey like the Do Dham Yatra by helicopter or a leisure trip with loved ones, chartering a flight in India with Aikyam Aviation ensures unparalleled services to optimize your time efficiency. No longer will you have to rely upon public fleet of aircrafts for your international travel. Aikyam Aviation offers a fleet of luxurious charter planes that literally go miles to all the major international destinations.

Delighting in serving you, your family, and friends, we strive to make your travel a memorable affair. Acknowledging your privacy concerns, we offer private jets in India with complete anonymity and confidentiality to our esteemed clients.

Our primary focus is on minimizing flying time to maximize your time utility. We provide the flexibility of arrival and boarding just a few minutes before take-off, reducing your journey time significantly.

Indulge in superb in-flight luxury by booking a private jet charter in India with us, with the freedom to choose your preferred cuisine!

Safety Standards

With stringent safety standards, we ensure robust safety and security for our passengers. Our fleet undergoes frequent checks to comply with safety specifications and meet global maintenance standards. We adhere to international safety protocols, providing the highest safety standards for our flights. Certified by aviation audit firms, we take pride in adopting the best safety and security services in the industry.

Crew Experience

Our qualified pilots boast considerable cockpit experience. Offering tailor-made solutions to fit your schedules, plans, and requirements, our experienced pilots focus on one type of aircraft, ensuring proficiency for every private jet charter in India.

In-flight Services

We pay meticulous attention to detail to deliver the best in-flight services. From professional flight attendants to articulate chefs at your service, we spare no effort in making your journey world-class. Designed for ultimate luxury, our private jets in India offer superior sanitation, food with abundant vegan options, rejuvenation, and sanitation options.

Medical Evacuation

While you may not be prepared for a medical emergency, we are! Ensuring the best care for your loved ones, we provide air ambulance services in India.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Our customized travel plans aim to provide maximum benefits, saving you both time and money. We strive to offer value for every penny you spend.

Highest Quality Standards

We guarantee the highest quality standards and world-class services to our esteemed clientele. Whether it is comfort, privacy, luxury, or connectivity, we deliver only the best!

24X7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team of experts is available round the clock to address all your queries. Feel free to raise your concerns to receive satisfactory answers.

Known for providing the best charter helicopter services in India, Aikyam Aviation is a leading private jet company with over seven years of aviation experience. Explore the best private jet charter services in India with us and embark on a journey like never before!

A Detailed Guide to Pricing for Private Jets in India

If you're seeking the epitome of comfort and luxury in air travel, private jets offer a swift, secure, and opulent means of transportation. However, understanding the costs associated with private jet travel in India is crucial before making a commitment.

Factors Affecting Private Jet Charter Price in India

The size and type of aircraft significantly impact private jet charter prices in India. Larger jets require more fuel and crew, making smaller jets a cost-effective option. Additionally, the duration of the flight and specific requirements, such as catering services or special requests, can influence private jet charter costs.

Tips to Save Money on Private Jet Rentals in India

Opting for consecutive rates for multi-leg journeys can yield significant savings. Many charter companies offer discounts and flexible packages for frequent flyers. Companies with employee travel policies may qualify for additional discounts. Exploring off-peak hours or months and direct communication with charter companies can unveil exclusive rental rates not advertised online.

Common Mistakes While Booking a Private Jet in India

Inadequate research on charter companies is a common mistake. Thoroughly comparing pricing, flight routes, customer service ratings, safety protocols, and other details is crucial. Don't hesitate to inquire about discounts or promotions, as many charter companies are open to offering special deals.

Contact a Specialist for Rate Comparison and Negotiation

For the best private jet rental deals in India, consider consulting a pricing specialist. These professionals can compare rates from multiple charter companies, ensuring the most competitive prices. With expertise in deal negotiation, a pricing specialist may further enhance cost savings. Seeking assistance from an experienced professional can prove invaluable in securing the best possible deal.

Aikyam Aviation redefine luxury air travel, offering unparalleled private jet and helicopter services in India. From ensuring safety and comfort to providing cost-effective solutions, these aviation leaders elevate the travel experience to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our charter service includes a variety of options that can be tailored to your needs, including private planes, helicopters, and luxury jets. We also provide ground transportation services, catering services, and crewing services.

We offer a wide range of private planes, from light jets to long-range jets. We are also able to provide helicopters and luxury jets for charters.

The cost of a plane charter depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the plane, the duration of the charter, and the destination. We provide a variety of different pricing packages to help you find the most affordable option.

Booking a charter is easy! Simply contact us with your desired date, time, and destination and we will provide a quote for the cost of the charter. Once you accept the quote, we will work with you to arrange the details of the charter.

We offer a variety of discounts and promotions throughout the year. You can find the latest offers on our website, or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest discounts and promotions.

You can easily book a charter plane from our aircraft management company. Simply contact our customer service team by phone or email to find out if a private jet suitable for your needs is available. We are committed to helping you reach your destination quickly and safely.

We are taking a number of precautions to ensure the safety of our passengers. We have implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout our aircraft and airports, and are requiring our crew members to wear masks and gloves. We are also limiting the number of passengers on each flight to maintain social distancing and providing plexiglass shields at our boarding counters. Additionally, we are now offering contactless check-in and boarding procedures, as well as contactless payment options.

Private jets offer more flexibility for travelers, as they can depart from and land at smaller airports that are not available to commercial airlines. They also offer more privacy, comfort and convenience, as passengers can choose their own departure times, customize the plane to their needs and work or rest during the journey. Private jets also offer shorter travel times, as they can avoid delays associated with commercial airports, or fly direct to the destination. In addition, private jets can provide more space and amenities, including a full galley and in-flight entertainment options.

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